Cash2Cash Discontinued

The development and maintenance of Cash2Cash has ceased as of 1st May 2017.

Details of this discontinued project can be found below:

Cash2Cash was a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform to make currency exchanges simple, while being fuss & fee free, at the market rate.
Parties were matched via it’s web platform and android app by using their location and currency they wished to exchange. The hybrid app was built by the Singaporean startup Creatella who used a combination of JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Gulp, HTML5, and CSS3 to build the mobile app and web platform. Creatella was in charge of the UX, UI, web design & development, as well as all hosting for Cash2Cash.
Some of the main features included a realtime chat made organically based on ajax and jQuery, the ability to display real time matches on a map, along with a custom built algorithm which calculates matches based on relevance and proximity to the recommend closest match.

● Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3
● Domains: hybrid app, web app, web design, Android and iOS mobile apps
● What we did: UX, UI, dev and hosting
● Status : released

● Real time, no hidden spread added, mid-market exchange rate (refreshed every hour)
● 17 major currencies available
● Locate peers in real time using Google Maps integration
● Matching algorithm finding the best match to exchange your currencies with
● In-app messaging to increase convenience
● Peer review to improve trust and security
● Showing your mutual friends on Facebook to exchange securely between friends

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