FinMates is an exciting ewallet and money transfer fintech app. It is an alternative to remittance, allowing workers in Singapore to send money back to their families in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries for half the price of competitors. With a unique business model relying on a network of mobile agents called mates (the same way Uber relies on a network of drivers), FinMates’ innovation brought the team to the finals at the INSEAD venture competition in June 2016, praised among others for the high quality of their MVP.
FinMates was one of Creatella’s earliest clients and first fintech app that we built. Our team here at Creatella integrated directly with FinMates team, sharing communications channels to allow complete transparency and a long term alignment for future success.
Among other features, Creatella developed a bot to send alerts automatically through Slack to the operators for automatic and immediate alerts to the team. Various technologies were used in the development of the app including JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap, and Slack API. Creatella developed and designed the UX/UI for a hybrid application to work seamlessly through the web, and to be ported in the near future easily to Android and iOS app stores. Creatella also hosts the service and provides an SSL secured connection and encryption for the security of the users’ transactions.
You can find out more information about FinMate’s at