The Story

Creatella’s youngest project, PhoneSwap capitalizes on a prime opportunity in the booming P2P marketplace in SouthEast Asia. Currently, major producers have a stranglehold on the phone market while everyday consumers leave used phones sitting on shelves, losing value and collecting dust. PhoneSwap disrupts the marketplace by bridging the gap between sellers and buyers of used mobile devices.


Designed with careful attention to user experience, this optimized platform makes it easy for buyers to find their next phone and sellers to list and ship their inventory. Clean, easy filtering lets buyers quickly sort through the many options available to find the right one for them. Cost-effective tools for sellers make it easy to list and advertise phones, and then painlessly ship them after purchase.


PhoneSwap’s internal architecture is built out of JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and Cordova. It’s carefully optimized for use on the web or a mobile device.


With the beta successfully launched in Singapore, PhoneSwap currently hosts dozens of makes and models of phones in it’s marketplace. Expansion to additional countries is planned by the end of the year.

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